Happy Natural Hormones

2 Natural Wonder Drug Hormones we need more in our lives. 

Dopamine is the feel good hormone which activates the brains reward centres, so that an enamoured couple is driven to spend as much time as possible - as a mother is driven to be with her infant. Dopamine is released when a loving mother exhibits attachment behaviours with her baby. It is linked to positive feelings of pleasure, excitement, exhilaration, increased energy and a heightened focus of attention. It improves memory and increases the desire to explore and take risks.
Dopamine is also released during orgasm, exercise, eating, learning new skills, laughter, risk taking, listening to loud/fast music.

Oxytocin, the emotional cuddling hormone or the attachment or bonding hormone which contributes to the soothing, comforting at times blissful feelings of intimate physical contact. Characteristic of both maternal and romantic love. Early in life it's released both during nursing and parent child touching and hugging. In romantic partners it's triggered during orgasm. Additionally, when mother and baby are apart they can experience a powerful longing to re- unite just as lovers can miss each other terribly when separated for only brief periods. Oxytocin reduces the effects of depression, improves the immune system and prolongs life and improves ones since of well being.
Oxytocin is released during sex, laughter, lactation and birthing and in social gatherings,