Dream Guards Dreams 2015

As Dream Guards we protect Childrens Dreams and ensure they are not stolen by empowering them to Believe in Themselves. 

Our Dreams are that these messages are heard and shared.

Something inspirational happened to me today when I was following up on our Children's Dream Guard Shows Michael and I performed in the January Shchool Holidays to the Catholic Centacare OSHC group.

Allyson from Darra OSHC had her 13 year old son and 10 year old daughter attend our show. After our empowering PEACE anti-bullying message her son and daughter said to her. "Mum, we have both been bullied at school in the past. The first week back at school we practiced what Donna & Michael said about standing tall with our shoulders back and our head held high. We felt conident and more powerful than before".

Carol from St Peters Lutheran OSHC said the week following our show a little 5 year old in her care was eating his spaghetti noodles and said. "See Mrs Carol, it doesn't matter how big you are or how small you are, we are all just the same and we can show Love"

I had tears running down my cheeks. This is why Michael and I are so passionate about what we do.


Our goal in 2015 is to perform our Dream Guard Show on live stages to Families and Friends to extend our message of PEACE, Love & Happiness.


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