Serious about Bullying

DREAM GUARDS are serious about the issues we believe in and we are always looking to improve our resourses and ways of walking the talk and getting our message out to the wider community. To Stop Bullying at the roots and understand the minds of our youth is a passion we will never tire of and we are proud to announce that we are now Certified Youth Mental Health First Aider's.

In most cases youth suicide stems from Bullying and it is becoming more prevalent in todays society with social media following our youth wherever they go. Knowledge is power, and as Dream Guards we wish to aquire sufficent knowledge coupled with our own life experiences to help our Children Stand Up to Bullying in a possitive and powerful way.

If you are as passionate and concerned about this message and epidemic as we are, please share our site. Share our name and our enthusiasm so we may all live in a bully free community of  Peace, Love and Happiness.


Thank You.

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