Dream Guards Inspire Teen Boys Toogoolawa School

The Dream Guards empowered 80 teenage boys during their inspirational speaking this month at Toogoolawa School in Ormeau on the Gold Coast. 

Sharing their real life stories of childhood trauma and over coming adversity in a very unique and inspiring way weaving magic and handrawn illustrations into their presentation. Michael and Donna (Dream Guards) totally captivated the teen male audience for the entire 60 minutes with the majority of the young men approaching the stage after to express how profound the presentation had impacted on them. 

Gerry Moloney principal of Toogoolawa School spoke incredibly highly of our Dream Guards inspirational presentation in his video and written testimonial following the show.

Steve Dart of Play Hard Sports Equipment and Kimya Mianji of Kimya Foundation attended the inspirational speaking event as V.I.P guests. Their amazing video testimonials empower us to reach out and inspire more teenagers across Australia. 

Thank you. 

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